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Heritage Cooking

Jaffna Heritage Cooking


This publication is a gem of a cookbook that explores Jaffna’s culinary heritage. Written with passion and clarity, Maheswari Devi has, along with the recipes, included anecdotes about the food and the people behind these dishes.

The book is a passionate celebration of her ancestral cuisine, and Maheswari Devi deftly interweaves various threads of history, religion, tradition and geography with intimate and personal memories.

This book is not merely a collection of epicurean delights, but also an important resource documenting the culinary traditions of a relatively unknown region.

Jaffna cuisine is varied and interesting, due to the culinary influences from both Europe and Asia. Each recipe is rich, not merely in its use of ingredients, but also in its history and culture.

The book is a handy academic resource for those keen to learn more about Jaffna’s cuisine, but also accessible for the everyday homemaker or those wishing to have a taste of these rich and flavorful dishes.